Saturday, October 10, 2009


Brad & Megan - Hays Kansas Engagement Photographer

Yesterday I had the privilege of spending some time with Megan and Brad as we shot their engagement session. I love being able to get to know my couples before their wedding, as it gives me a chance to observe each couples' particular dynamic...and it gives the guys a chance to get used to my demands while shooting! Brad was a trooper and a good sport, though, and I am looking forward to their wedding next year!!

Brad's family had this milo field, which luckily for us hadn't been harvested yet!

how do I get so lucky....all my couples are just fab!

Rocky the dog was so cute!! I love it when couples incorporate their animals into the pictures...cause hey, they're family too!

One of Brad's old trucks made a fun prop.

a bit of sunflare by the farm that used to belong to Brad's grandparents.

Megan and Brad, we are gonna have a great time at your wedding! Can't wait!

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