Saturday, March 21, 2009


A few more from Kris & Nina's wedding

So I'm posting my first slideshow....hopefully everything works okay! It might take a minute to load, so have some patience in this fast-paced want-it-now world!

I will work on perfecting my slideshow making skills, and if it all works out I'll try to post one for each wedding. Yay for technology. :-)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Kris and Nina

It was a warm and sunny St. Patrick's Day for Kris and Nina's small wedding. Their closest friends and family gathered for a short ceremony followed by a laid back reception, and it was perfectly matched to their and relaxed.
Kris has been a very close friend of mine, helping me survive my first year of college at FHSU (seems like a million years ago!). When he called me the week before he was going to propose to Nina, I was so excited for them! I was also glad I could be a part of their day and we had a great time wandering around downtown Hays for a fun session. It was my favorite kind of wedding photography..lots of fun shots of the bride and groom.

You may notice the lack of green....I was surprised too! Not a lot of green for being St. Patrick's Day! But that's how they roll!

You never know where you might find a photo, in the bathroom at the courthouse!

Some strong flare....

Kris is an FHSU graduate, and Nina will be soon, so it was only fitting to get some shots in the Union....

Just a portrait...

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