Thursday, April 30, 2009


Eric & Holly - Hays, Kansas Portrait Photographer

A few months ago, I was contacted by Holly about nabbing some shots of her and her husband, Eric. Still young in their marriage (1 year), they decided it would be a great time to get some pictures taken.

We had to postpone once, due to the park being all ugly looking (who wants to do a whole portrait session in BROWN grass?!) and I'm so glad we waited! Although it was an overcast day, spawning thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes (don't those 3 things go hand in hand in Kansas?), luckily they weren't in Hays!

I was excited to meet Eric and Holly, and they did not disappoint! They were loving, charming, and up for a good time! I'm sure Eric is great at his calling - he is a pastor in Plainville.

I really enjoyed spending some time with you two, and best of luck for your future happenings! Congratulations!!!!

Not many couples have slide races, but Eric and Holly were up for the challenge!

They make such a lovely pair!

Sharing a quiet moment by the water.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Brandon & Danna - The Full Preview - Hays, KS Wedding Photographer

Okay, here it is....several days later! A bunch of pictures from Brandon and Danna's wedding. Seems how I've already briefly touched on their day....and you don't want to read my nonsensical ramblings...on to the pictures!

Danna finishing up her preparations...she was a classic, lovely bride, with a great personality to boot -

Okay, so nothing like skipping any ceremony pictures, but these were so fun I couldn't refuse. After the ceremony, everyone loaded up and headed to Toby Jugs for a shot....

The pouring of the Ninja Turtles..

Ready for dispatch...

Bottoms up!!

Then we headed out to the park for a few shots. Pretty sharp lookin' wedding party, eh?

We then dropped off the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and headed out on our own to a farm belonging to Danna's grandmother. Such a cute, perfect little place, full of character!

These horses don't belong to Danna's grandma, but we thought they looked cute anyway, and they were in a modeling mood..

Brandon doing his best Tarzan..Danna helping out..

Then it was off to the this gorgeous, classically simple cake (it was REALLY GOOD too!!)

Their first dance as husband and wife..

Brandon & Danna...THANK YOU for choosing me to be a part of your wedding! I wish you the best!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Busy Weekend - Hays Kansas Wedding Photographer

This weekend has been a whirlwind! On Saturday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Brandon and Danna on one of the biggest days of their lives! They had a lovely ceremony and a rockin' reception afterwards....with a few hours of pictures sandwiched in between!

Then today I had a session with two lovely people, luckily the weather didn't do anything crazy out here! Anyway, the moral of the story is I'm behind and need to get caught up!

Just because I can't are just a few details from Saturday.....

Check back for a full report of the day soon!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Will and Kassy

I first met Will and Kassy back in February, at the bridal show here in Hays. They were checking out the finest Hays has to offer when they came to my booth. Will, who LOVES motorcycles, loved my sample album with a shot of Ty and his bike. We got to talking - I really enjoyed speaking with them, and I guess they thought I was okay too. ;-) We chatted for a while, they left to go peruse the booths for a while, but came back later. They chose me as their photographer (which I am honored to be!) and so the journey began.

Fast forward to this week...cloudy, rainy days, minimal sunshine.....but we decided to make the most of it and go ahead with their engagement session. I am so glad we did as I just love these! Will and Kassy are two genuinely nice people. I love to spend time with them....we laughed and goofed a lot. I think we really connect well. I loved hearing about their first date - a wedding!

Here are a few from their E-session. Will and Kassy love each other very much, and I think it shows!

I really think this one shows their lighthearted of my favorites!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Working on a plan...

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that I'm working out a plan for an upcoming promotion. I don't have the details all nailed down yet, but I'm hoping to have it ready to roll out within a week! Let's just say it might make your Mother's Day and Father's Day shopping real easy!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April Fool's!

It's the big day...April Fool's Day! Not much going on around here as far as foolin' goes, but if you are a great prankster, I would love to hear what you've pulled off!

Also...I found this cool place that lets you superimpose a picture onto different mediums..might be good for a mild mannered, work-appropriate funny. :-)

Also, here are some other "clean" pranks:

Have a lovely April Fool's Day...but don't get too crazy! (or at least don't get in trouble!)

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