Monday, June 29, 2009


Chad & Jamie - E-Session

I had a feeling when I first talked with Jamie via email that we would get along just fine. We have a mutual friend who had told Jamie about me when she started the search for a photographer. I am so glad she called, cause I just love these guys!
Horses are such a big part of Jamie and Chad's relationship that it was important to incorporate them into the engagement session, so they were a big part of the day! I must say, it's not often I get to ride a horse as part of a session...actually, I do believe this was a first! Led, held, pushed, pulled, made stupid noises and acted like a loon to get ears up...but never ridden. :-)

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Harvest Time!

For us Kansans, we all know what time of year it is...Harvest time! To celebrate one of my favorite times of the year, I'm offering a Harvest Special for senior sessions......all senior session fees are 1/2 price! This special ends July 10th at midnight, so make sure to get your session booked soon!!! Email me at or call me at 785.650.9280 with any questions!

Just because a blog post isn't fun without a picture, here's a shot of my favorite farmer (my dad!) checking out the wheat over the weekend (It was close but not quite ready!)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Eric & Sarah

It's always so surreal when your friends for nearly a lifetime tie the knot...I still can't believe it! I've known Eric for a long time, and Sarah for even longer, and although I was at the wedding technically as a guest, I still was invited to shoot for fun. Well, I did have fun! :)

Sarah and her dad make their way down the aisle

From my vantage point, I thought this made a unique perspective

a portrait outside after the ceremony

Go on with your gorgeous self........I love ya!

Eric, you didn't look half bad yourself. ;-)

I had fun experimenting during the reception! During the first dance....

Congrats Eric and Sarah!!!!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Extended Family Session at the Park - Hays Kansas Family Photographer

This past Saturday I spent some time in the afternoon with two sisters, their families, and their parents. We had a good time, and although child cooperation levels weren't always paramount (hey, it was 95 degrees and muggy, we were all sweatin'!) I think we still got some good stuff!

I will have your gallery up VERY soon for ordering! I enjoyed meeting you all and hope everyone has safe travels home.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009


C.J. & Steph - the full preview - Leoti Kansas Wedding Photographer

"If you think you're lost, you're probably going the right way," says C.J. when I call him to make sure I'm heading the right direction. I didn't feel too reassured, but it turned out he was right!
I was heading to rural Leoti, KS, for C.J. and Steph's wedding. The ceremony was to be held at a small country church; the reception on the farm belong to Steph's family. Being a farm girl myself, I always thought I knew what the term rural meant; but this drive gave me a whole new insight to the term. I drove for miles and miles without seeing anything but happy cows (who says happy cows only come from California?) to see me singing along to XM radio and acting like a crazy rockstar. Hmm...I think this was a good thing!
Along with the rural-ness, though, comes great beauty! I had never been in southwest area of the state, and I thought it was beautiful! Anyone who says western Kansas is completely flat obviously hasn't traveled in that direction.
Upon arriving at Steph's parents' home, I was greeted by Steph's dad and made to feel right at home! While grabbing some shots of Steph getting ready, I joined in the friendly banter and soon felt a part of the family. Soon we loaded up and headed to the church, where final preparations were made and individual family shots were taken. As Steph and C.J. weren't seeing each other before the ceremony, it was like a Bond 007 mission to make sure they didn't see each other! I spent a little time which both bride and groom before the wedding and got a portrait of each:

I think this wedding set the land speed record for being done in time for the ceremony. Crazy fast, I tell ya. Probably in part to their fab wedding coordinator, Barb! I stole the rings for a while:

One more, just because he went to Jared!! ( I couldn't resist)

One thing special about Steph and C.J.'s ceremony was who officiated their ceremony - C.J.'s mother, Sabra. It made the entire ceremony so heartfelt and emotional, I cannot even begin to describe. I absolutely loved that I was able to capture not only C.J.'s reaction to seeing Steph and her father turn down the aisle, but also Sabra's reaction to watching C.J. Not a perspective I've ever been able to get before!

maybe a little sad to see her son so mature and grown up, yet so happy for him at the same time!

With C.J.'s mother at the wheel, there were definitely some laughs as she made the ceremony so personal, profound, yet lighthearted at times.


The light was quickly fading, but we spent some time outside for portraits.

I thought it was highly likely I would get disowned by my farmer father for photographing a tractor of the wrong color, but for C.J. and Steph, I took a chance!

Not sure how Spiderman snuck into the bridal party, but I kinda like it!

Sometimes I love the unplanned shots just as much as the planned...

We headed to the reception area for C.J. and Steph to be introduced, and while we were getting ready to eat I happened to walk around the corner of the house to see a gorgeous sunset! Food was quickly abandoned as we ran for the road before it was gone:

At dusk, the backyard reception looked gorgeous, as did the cake!

funny story about the flowers on the cake....but I've been sworn to secrecy so you'll have to talk to the family. ;-)

Finally to top off the day, C.J. and Steph shared a first dance with the moon above.

C.J. and Steph, I am so glad you chose me to be with you on your special day. I really enjoyed it and I can tell how in love you are. You will go far in life, this I am sure of! Have a great time in Alaska!!


Saturday, June 6, 2009


long drive home - Leoti Kansas Wedding Photographer

Whew! It was a long drive back from Leoti, where I shot C.J. and Steph's heartfelt, gorgeous wedding yesterday! I don't have much now, but I wanted to put up just one from yesterday....the full preview will be up tomorrow...but trust me, it's worth the wait!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009


2010 Seniors...Don't Forget! Hays Kansas Senior Photographer

Hey 2010 Seniors....don't forget, the awesome special ends tomorrow!!!! By booking within the time limit, you can receive 20% off your senior session fee! I will be out of town shooting C.J. and Stephanie's fantastic wedding, but email me by midnight tomorrow (June 5, 2009) to secure your spot and the incredible rate!

And just because it ain't a party without a picture.......

Send me an email to save a spot for your session!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Will & Kassy's Wedding - Phillipsburg, Kansas Wedding Photographer

The big day dawned cool, but held the promise of warmer weather to come. In a beautiful old church near Long Island, Kansas, Will and Kassy prepared for the day they would say I do.

Kassy was radiant in her gorgeous cream gown; Will was resplendent in his black tux. As we got ready to do the first look, Will was anxious with anticipation.

a little tap on the shoulder, and there she was:

I was getting a little teary eyed myself, Kassy, so don't feel bad!

After some group pictures, we headed outside for some portraits. How do I get so lucky to have all these beautiful people to photograph?

I mean really? Doesn't love look good on them?

Just a few details from the day...

As Kassy and her father began their descent down the aisle, I just adore the expression of sheer joy on Will's face.

When it was all over but the shoutin', they made a grand exit to an excited crowd with party poppers!

Back in Phillipsburg, the reception was held at the lovely home of Will's parents. You may remember Will and Kassy's engagement session, which was at the same location. I have no doubt that out of the three weddings in Phillipsburg that day, this one had the most happenin' reception! I mean, just look at these decadent cakes:

(oh, and on a little sidenote...they also had the BEST PUNCH EVER. Kassy, I need that recipe!!!!)

We took some time for a few more portraits:

I just loved this antique sofa in the living room.

Check out this good lookin' bridal party....

People were having a wild and crazy time! This is how we party, P-burg style!

The party was definitely hoppin', but I'll leave you with an image from Will and Kassy's first dance. It was simply divine.

I could say so much more, and post TONS more photos, but I hope this gives an overall feel for the day. Will and Kassy, the day couldn't have been more perfect. I really enjoyed spending time with you and your families, everyone was gracious, sweet, and a lot of fun to be around. I'm so glad you chose me to hang out with you on your special day, and I wish you years of happiness. Now have fun in Hawaii!

I'd also like to thank Karen Bonar of Heartland Photography for making the trek to P-burg with me!

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