Thursday, July 30, 2009


change is coming!!

Now before you get too excited, sorry, but I'm not going to be dispersing nickels and pennies. Not that kind of change. :-)

Nooo....... what's coming is an Everyday You beautification! I've been working on a new look, and will begin implementing it soon! I know I haven't posted for a while, and now you know why. :)

It's been a busy summer between the beautification project, ordering new marketing materials, weddings and portrait sessions, album design, etc. WHEW! It's making me tired just thinking about it! Tomorrow I will be shooting a wedding portrait session for Tara and Allen, then Saturday I will be in Wichita for some family time (and maybe a brief photo session, it wouldn't be the first time!).

So you all have a fab weekend and keep your eyes peeled for the "new YOU"!!!!!


Sunday, July 12, 2009


Family at the Park

Yesterday was a great family session....the whole Carver family was together and wanted to get some family images. I always enjoy hanging out with incredibly nice, laid back, and fun people! Although it was hot out, I hope the sweat was worth it for everyone - I think it was!!!!

Grandpa wanted a shot of both boys coming down the slide...well, we tried. I kinda like it! :-)

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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Time is running OUT!

2010 Seniors...time is running out to book the Harvest Special! Book your senior session by midnight tomorrow (7.10.09) to secure the special rate - 1/2 off your senior portrait session fee! This would mean.....

Senior Basic Session Fee: $100 (up to 1 hour, 3 outfit changes) $50 for a limited time!
Senior Enhanced Session Fee: $150 (up to 2 hours, 5 outfit changes) $75 for a limited time!
Senior Ultimate Session Fee: $250 (up to 3 hours, 7 outfit changes) $125 for a limited time!

Book now! or call 650.9280. Don't forget - no mileage charge within 10 miles of Hays, KS or Abilene, KS. Live outside of 10 miles? No problem - book a senior session with a friend and you can split the mileage! Bonus!!!!!

Give me a holla to book!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Miss R - Hays, KS Newborn Photographer

I was there when her parents said "I do," so I feel like I have a connection. I just love this family, and although Miss R is only a week old, I can tell she's gonna fit in famously. Her big bro, A, LOVES his new job title and thinks his sissy is absolutely precious...although he's a little rambunctious with her, I'm betting in about 5 years she's gonna be whoopin' up on him. :-)

To the H are great and I am so blessed to be a part of your a roundabout know what I mean!!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A Heckuva Good Show

So, I've grown up listening to Tracy Lawrence. He's just always been around as long as I can remember. I grew up with parents who thought Power 94.5 (now it's 97.5....all you people from around back home know what I'm talkin' about!) was ridiculous and bad music get the picture. :-)

Soooo when Tracy Lawrence was slated to sing at Wild West Fest, I was like, "oh, that's cool," but didn't get too excited. Boy, I should have...he puts on a heckuva good show!!! It was a perfect night for an outdoor concert. This was my first time to attend WWF (I know, how long have I lived in Hays? Naughty!) and I was impressed!

The crowd was crazy, and once he started playing there really wasn't much getting up and moving around unless you wanted to bulldoze people, so I shot from where I sat (and stood, once everyone in front of us started standing). These aren't the types of pictures I normally blog about, but hey, there's more to life than portraits and weddings. :-)

and because there was a ferris wheel there, I couldn't resist.

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