Thursday, October 29, 2009


Extended Family - Hays Family Photographer

Earlier this week I spent some time hanging out at the beautiful FHSU campus with the Rohrs and family. In a time of iffy weather, it was really a gorgeous evening! Just a few for now......

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


the cutest baby ever....

...of course I'm partial, as he IS my newest nephew!

On Sunday I had a short amount of time to take a few shots of baby C. He was awake by the time we got started so I wasn't able to get my favorite sleepy shots, but he's still pretty darn cute! Don't you agree?

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Monday, October 19, 2009


The Johnson Family - Kansas Family Photographer

Saturday I drove to the Johnson's home for a family session, thankful we had scheduled it for that Saturday instead of the 28 degree Saturday before! As I was getting my gear out to prepare for the session, C, the little girl, was hanging out with me. She seemed quite impressed by the quantity of cameras I had!

We shot quite a few pictures on their property, then headed out to a few others. As I was getting ready to leave, C and her mom were talking to me as I packed up. C said that she was going home with me, and we asked her why she thought that. She said, "You're taking all of us home with you, in your camera!"

I had never thought about it like that, but she is right.

Every time I photograph a child, a family, a couple, a wedding, I take home a part of them with me. That is what makes this so special for me - you have chosen me to be a part of your memories...and for this I thank all of you!

And now...on to the pictures! The Johnson Family sneak peek:

I just love this one.....Big Sis and Little Bro got their cool on for me. ;-)

The little man....oh what a cutie!

Big sis!

I love their display!

Nothing like a big pile of leaves!

We had trouble persuading them to leave the leaf pile....

Quite possibly my most favorite shot from the day.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your memories!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Stay tuned.....

...for I will be posting a sneak peek from the Johnson Family session in a day or two! I had a fab time with them today!

I will also be posting a peek from the session with my newest nephew, Mr. C. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Sisters - Hays Kansas Portrait Photographer

As all you Hays-ish and beyond people know, last Saturday was fa-reeeee-zing. Literally freezing. As in 28˙. It was a cold one! But Ashley, Alyse, & Adriane were troopers and we got their sibling shoot done! I mean really, can you tell we were all shivering and the like?

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Brad & Megan - Hays Kansas Engagement Photographer

Yesterday I had the privilege of spending some time with Megan and Brad as we shot their engagement session. I love being able to get to know my couples before their wedding, as it gives me a chance to observe each couples' particular dynamic...and it gives the guys a chance to get used to my demands while shooting! Brad was a trooper and a good sport, though, and I am looking forward to their wedding next year!!

Brad's family had this milo field, which luckily for us hadn't been harvested yet!

how do I get so lucky....all my couples are just fab!

Rocky the dog was so cute!! I love it when couples incorporate their animals into the pictures...cause hey, they're family too!

One of Brad's old trucks made a fun prop.

a bit of sunflare by the farm that used to belong to Brad's grandparents.

Megan and Brad, we are gonna have a great time at your wedding! Can't wait!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Are you......

.....thinking about a fall session for your children, your family, or even your beloved pet? If so, book soon to secure a session time with Kathryn. Due to a large number of inquiries and sessions, your desired date may soon be unavailable!

Give me a holler to book! 785.650.9280 or! the way, Everyday You is hoping to offer a morning of mini sessions soon! Stay tuned for details!

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