Saturday, December 5, 2009


Kenny & Micci - WaKeeney Wedding Photographer

Poor Micci. Her first experience meeting me was a bit of a wash, with me getting tied up in another meeting and not being able to get ahold of her.

When we finally met up, I was so glad we did! Even though she told me her and Kenny's wedding would be a smaller, quiet affair, I just had a feeling it was going to be good.

Fast forward to Friday night...sometimes my hunches do pan out! In a lovely church in WaKeeney, we took some pre-wedding pictures. It was too cold outside to spend much time out there, but we kept ourselves busy in the church, finding nooks and crannies to use for pictures. Kenny and Micci's families were so easy to get along with and so happy to be there, it was amazing! I truly enjoyed spending time with them.

The ceremony was heartfelt and personal, with Kenny's daughter serving as one of his attendants, and the other children were involved as well. From the church, we headed to the reception. I had never been to WaKeeney during the Christmas season, and was enthralled with the main street decorations! Kenny and Micci, being the good sports they are, easily agreed to go back to the street and do a few shots in the 30˙ weather.

At the reception, Micci's daughter Stephanie read an unexpected heartfelt speech. Perhaps one of the best speeches I've heard, it was simple yet emotional - and although there was no dance planned, Kenny and Micci ended up having an impromptu first dance to one of their ceremony songs.

All in all...what a great celebration of two people who love and respect each other. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your day!

Just a few pictures from the day...Micci, you are a such a beautiful person inside and out, and Kenny, you are such a good sport to put up with all the pictures :-)

Micci's simple yet beautiful bouquet

a shot at the back of the church


The ceremony

just in case you forgot what time of the year it was, WaKeeney won't let you forget! Love it!

Beautiful (and quite tasty) cake!

Loved the details!

The impromptu first dance

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Christmas Trees at the Fox!

Last night I attended the 2009 Christmas Tree Auction, a fundraiser put on by the Hays Area Children's Center. A few years ago I was in charge of this event, which was rewarding and fun, but it's nice to go as a guest and donor! An Everyday You gift certificate was auctioned off, and I can't wait to photograph the recipient next year!

Because I 1) love shooting at the Fox 2) love Christmas things 3) have a hard time leaving the cameras and home 4) support the Children's Center, I took a few pictures throughout the night:

Have I mentioned that I love the Fox? How cool is it?!

One of the beautiful trees sold as part of the fundraiser

It was quite a sight!

Every year Fred...I mean Santa.....helps out! What a great guy!

This is such a fun event with tons and tons of great holiday finds, good food, and a wonderful time! If you are interested in donating an item next year, contact the Hays Area Children's Center!

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