Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Miss R - Hays, KS Newborn Photographer

I was there when her parents said "I do," so I feel like I have a connection. I just love this family, and although Miss R is only a week old, I can tell she's gonna fit in famously. Her big bro, A, LOVES his new job title and thinks his sissy is absolutely precious...although he's a little rambunctious with her, I'm betting in about 5 years she's gonna be whoopin' up on him. :-)

To the H are great and I am so blessed to be a part of your a roundabout know what I mean!!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009



Little E was awake for a while, but with a little effort he was lulled into a deep sleep, the deep type of sleep that practically makes an infant putty in your hands...hence two of the following shots.

When we began the session, he wasn't sure if he wanted to have anything to do with me or my camera. It took some persuading, but I was able to get a few awake shots before he drifted off. His mother, Danielle, told me she was afraid he was already learning to fight sleep in the daytime, and I do believe she's right! E tried hard to stay awake, but he just couldn't do it.

Matt and Dani have fallen right into the parent routine and are great at their jobs. I'm so glad I got to meet your little family!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Handsome Baby C promised, here is Mr. C! Such a handsome little fella with the most serious facial expressions I've ever seen! He wasn't really into the whole sleeping scene, so we went with what we had and worked with what he gave us.

All snuggled up

Does he not look deep in thought here? I can just hear him saying "hmmm....that IS interesting indeed!"

We ventured outside for a few family shots, and although I have others, I really liked the angle of peeking over their shoulders and catching a glimpse of their view.

Just a sweet moment!

Thank you for letting me into your lives and homes, it really does mean a lot to me!

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Gorgeous Baby K

Wow...I've gotten so far behind blogging it's not even funny! So......this morning you will be treated with some images of the gorgeous Miss K, and then a little later this morning, a preview of adorable Mister C. As I'm flying to Tennessee this Friday to help the fab Melody Hood with two weddings, it was a rush to edit and get the preview up, but I am confident it will all be done in time!

I digress..... on to baby K!

Such a sweet little girl! Even at one week, one day old she still looks just like she did when I visited her and her mom and dad in the hospital.

a family portrait

resting her eyes

I can tell she's going to be a daddy's girl!

just a bit of symbolism!

THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your lives...It really means a lot to me!

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