Tuesday, September 29, 2009


did you know? Hays and Abilene Kansas Photographer

Did you know......that Everyday You has a Facebook page? Check it out to see the latest pictures, news, and happenings from my little corner of the world! Be sure to be a fan, as I like to give away fun stuff to my fans, as well as post specials!

Everyday You | Photography by Kathryn

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Carey- Senior 2010 - Hays Kansas Senior Photographer

"He really doesn't want to have his pictures taken.....these are really for me," Carey's mom told me when we schedule his session. Although that was the case, I think we got along just fine!

One thing I really like about these pictures is they really showcase Carey's interests...which is what senior pictures should be all about!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Senior Special

Hey 2010 Seniors! Fall is fast approaching, which is one of my favorite seasons for photo sessions. Book your session by next Wednesday and receive a free set of 16 wallets! Call or email me with any questions and to schedule!

And now....just because a blog post is more fun with a picture, here's a shot from the Ellis High Homecoming last week. It was fun to shoot something outside of my realm and I'm hoping to keep it up!


Saturday, September 5, 2009


Catlyn - 2010 Senior

"Give me some attitude," I said. "Like this?" she asked.

Ummm perfect! Gotta love a senior who can give attitude for pictures, but is super nice and fun to be around!

I had a great time with Catlyn this past week, and enjoyed getting to know her, even if just for an hour! I wish you the best of luck with your future plans, and hope you have a great senior year!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Recession Session Special!!!!

Hey High School Seniors!!!!!!!!!

Still need to schedule your senior pictures? Check out the Recession Session Special! From now until August 25th take advantage of 1/2 off any senior portrait session. Don't wait to book as limited sessions are available!

Contact Kathryn by email (kathryn@everydayyou.com) or phone (650.9280) for more info!


Thursday, July 9, 2009


Time is running OUT!

2010 Seniors...time is running out to book the Harvest Special! Book your senior session by midnight tomorrow (7.10.09) to secure the special rate - 1/2 off your senior portrait session fee! This would mean.....

Senior Basic Session Fee: $100 (up to 1 hour, 3 outfit changes) $50 for a limited time!
Senior Enhanced Session Fee: $150 (up to 2 hours, 5 outfit changes) $75 for a limited time!
Senior Ultimate Session Fee: $250 (up to 3 hours, 7 outfit changes) $125 for a limited time!

Book now! kathryn@everydayyou.com or call 650.9280. Don't forget - no mileage charge within 10 miles of Hays, KS or Abilene, KS. Live outside of 10 miles? No problem - book a senior session with a friend and you can split the mileage! Bonus!!!!!

Give me a holla to book!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Harvest Time!

For us Kansans, we all know what time of year it is...Harvest time! To celebrate one of my favorite times of the year, I'm offering a Harvest Special for senior sessions......all senior session fees are 1/2 price! This special ends July 10th at midnight, so make sure to get your session booked soon!!! Email me at kathryn@everydayyou.com or call me at 785.650.9280 with any questions!

Just because a blog post isn't fun without a picture, here's a shot of my favorite farmer (my dad!) checking out the wheat over the weekend (It was close but not quite ready!)


Thursday, June 4, 2009


2010 Seniors...Don't Forget! Hays Kansas Senior Photographer

Hey 2010 Seniors....don't forget, the awesome special ends tomorrow!!!! By booking within the time limit, you can receive 20% off your senior session fee! I will be out of town shooting C.J. and Stephanie's fantastic wedding, but email me by midnight tomorrow (June 5, 2009) to secure your spot and the incredible rate!

And just because it ain't a party without a picture.......

Send me an email to save a spot for your session!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Seniors - Extended Special for Session Fees!

Remember a few moons ago when I posted the following special?

" In honor of today, May 20th, I am offering 20% off any Senior Portrait session! You must book between now and May 31st, so don't wait until the first of June to call! Your session must take place before May 1, 2010 as well. 20% off is valid only for the session fee, not for any product purchased.

Give me a call or send me an email to book your senior session at this fantastic rate!"

Well.........it has been extended! Book by June 5th to receive this special!

Just to refresh your memory, Everyday You offers the following three options to meet everyone's needs:

• Senior Basic Session Fee: $100 (up to 1 1/2 hours, 2 outfit changes)

• Senior Enhanced Session Fee: $150 (up to 3 hours, 4 outfit changes)

• Senior Ultimate Session Fee: $250 (up to 5 hours, 8 outfit changes)

So.....with the 20% savings, you can take $20 of the Basic Session, $30 off the Enhanced, and a whopping $50 of the Ultimate!

And because a post without pictures isn't any fun....here is one of my favorites from a past senior session:

So spread the word!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Class of 2010 - are you watching your budget?

If so, have I got a deal for you! In honor of today, May 20th, I am offering 20% off any Senior Portrait session! You must book between now and May 31st, so don't wait until the first of June to call! Your session must take place before May 1, 2010 as well. 20% off is valid only for the session fee, not for any product purchased.

Give me a call or send me an email to book your senior session at this fantastic rate!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Senior Photography FAQ - Kansas Senior Portrait Photographer

With the upcoming senior portrait season, I thought maybe it would be helpful to post a list of frequently asked questions I've received over the past few years!

Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Portraits

Q. How does a typical session go?

A. Overall, most sessions have some similarities, but no 2 are ever the same! Before your session, you will need to do a bit of homework. (I know, I know…and you thought you wouldn’t have to do any homework!) Depending upon which session you choose, you will need to plan out locations. It can be a park, your favorite section of downtown, on your parents’ farm…it’s up to you. Another thing to consider will be your clothing choices.
When we meet for the session, we will spend a few minutes getting to know each other. The first 10 minutes of shooting are usually somewhat of a “warmup”, when we get accustomed to each other. From there we will move around the locations, changing outfits as needed.

Q. What happens when the session is over?

A. After your session, I will spend some time doing basic editing (color correction, cropping, etc) to your images. 3-4 of your images will be selected within 2-3 days after your session and will be posted on my blog as a Sneak Peek. After this, you can expect your gallery to be online for ordering within 1-2 weeks, and if you ordered a proof book, 2-3 weeks.

Q. What if I wake up on the morning of my session and have a giant zit on my forehead?

A. No problem! I will remove major blemishes from all ordered prints. For extensive acne/retouching, a fee may be charged.

Q. I really want to bring my dog/horse/motorcycle/insert your favorite item here/ to my session. Is this okay?

A. Sure is! Your senior pictures are all about you, so if it helps define who you are, bring it on!

Q. What kind of clothing should I wear?

A. The number of outfit changes you have will depend on which session you choose, but in general the simpler the better. Always choose solid colors over clothing with large graphics. Jeans and a nice top provide a simple, casual look, which is desired by a majority of seniors. Make sure your clothing fits well, i.e. not too loose or too tight, and is flattering. Shirts with sleeves typically look better than sleeveless, although the ultimate choice is up to you. For the ladies, try to be aware of revealing clothing-if you are wearing a shirt that is revealing, I will say something to make sure you are aware, and we will take steps to make sure you are not revealing too much!

Q. What if the day of session is cloudy? Should we reschedule?

A. NO WAY! Cloudy days make for EXCELLENT portraits!

Q. What should I look for when picking a location?

A. Look for somewhere with numerous small areas of interest. Some great portraits have been created in grungy alleys or by incorporating rundown buildings. Look for good textures and fun color. It is also helpful to choose a place that will have shade.

Q. What all can we do with my pictures?

A. We can create a custom coffee table book, a brag book, a custom collage, a gorgeous canvas, customized graduation announcements…let me know what you have in mind!

Q. After I order pictures, how long does it take to get them?

A. For portraits, Allow 3-4 weeks for turnaround time. For specialty items (canvases, albums, etc) allow 6-8 weeks.

Q. When do I need to pay for my session and portraits?

A. Your session fee is due at the time of booking, and any portrait orders are due upon ordering. For your convenience, credit/debit cards are accepted via PayPal. Sales tax will be charged on all orders.

Q. Do you charge mileage?

A. As I am based out of Hays, KS and Abilene, KS, no mileage will be charged within Ellis or Dickinson Counties.

Q. What packages do you have?

A. The sessions I offer are:
Senior Basic Session Fee: $100 (up to 1 1/2 hours, 2 outfit changes)
Senior Enhanced Session Fee: $150 (up to 3 hours, 4 outfit changes)
Senior Ultimate Session Fee: $250 (up to 5 hours, 8 outfit changes)
I also offer a few basic portrait packages that will be listed on my website under the Senior Information Page.

Q. How many locations can I use?

A. We can go to as many locations as you like, but keep in mind that each session has a time limit, so plan accordingly.

Hopefully this will help clear up any uncertainties you might have. If you have a question not covered here or need clarification, don't hesitate to contact me!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Searching for Seniors.....

...and by seniors, I mean the high school kind, not the senior citizen kind. You know what I mean!!

Do you know a 2010 high school senior that is outgoing, fun and would enjoy promoting some fabulous senior photography? Or maybe YOU are that senior? I am on the hunt for some fun and fabulous seniors to be my representatives for 09-10. These delightful individuals will receive a half price session, 20% off prints and 48 free (you heard right...FREE!!) personalized wallet cards to hand out.
Ideally I would love to have a guy and gal from each high school. If you or someone you know would be interested, have them shoot me an email - kathryn@everydayyou.com.

A few 09 Seniors....


...and Charlie!


Sunday, November 16, 2008



It was cold and nasty out during this photo shoot, but Charlie was a trooper and we got through it with her good sense of humor. Even when I drug her down a freezing alley that was little more than a sunless wind tunnel, we were laughing (although we couldn't feel our fingers, but hey, I digress).

Best wishes to you Charlie! I know your strength, intelligence and sense of humor will get you through whatever life throws your way...and congrats on being a senior!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Steph and her 4-legged friends

First of all, let me apologize for not being a faithful blogger. Please don't flog me. I promise I'll try to do better in the future.

Phew, glad I got that out of the way! Because I have some pictures of a gorgeous senior to share!! I have known Steph and her mother, Susan, for many, many moons...way back to horse show days. So it was a bit of a pleasant surprise when I heard from them and was asked to shoot her senior pictures! It was an enjoyable afternoon as the wind wasn't gusting 300,000,000 miles/hour where we were (thank goodness!).

Here are a few sneak peeks of Steph's pictures!

Does she not have the most intense eyes ever?

Let me tell you, this was one of the sweetest dogs ever!

We had the campers at the campground next door entertained by our efforts to get ears up, no doubt.

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Monday, June 9, 2008


Exciting News for Seniors....

Even though summer just started, the school year will be here before we know it, and with the start of the school year comes senior pictures! This year I am working on an awesome referral program for all my senior client.....stay tuned for details, or drop me an email if you'd like more info!

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